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We manufacture medical laboratories required for clinical pathology testing and other medical specimen procedures. We understand the importance of the integrity of the medical laboratory environment in the management of patient health including diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

Medical laboratories vary widely in size and complexity  and we will manufacture your medical laboratory to your exact specifications and needs according to your testing environment. We use the best quality materials and our manufacturing techniques are built around ensuring perfect finishes and hard wearing surfaces that will withstand the heavy rigours of regular use whilst at the same time ensuring the clinical integrity required for medical applications.

We can create unique housing units for your medical testing equipment and ensure everything is fully integrated within the rest of your laboratory design.

Our design experts will work with you throughout the initial consultation phase to understand your requirements and produce a bespoke solution for your medical laboratory design. We then manufacture all the laboratory furniture at our County Durham manufacturing plant and finally provide an installation service to fit the completed laboratory within your premises to an agreed timescale.

For more information regarding manufacture of medical laboratories – please contact us for a no obligation free consultation.