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29 years of Laboratory Furniture

The company began thirty three years ago (in 1983) as a one man business in the Enterprise Workshops at Byker with a 320 sq. ft unit, a bag of tools, a £200 overdraft and the intention of manufacturing drawing office equipment and similar furniture. The larger items of equipment provided by the enterprise centre were shared communally with other tenants.

At that time production could only be achieved by hard work, ingenuity and long hours. Machine tools had to be modified to produce items not intended on that type of equipment. Other machines were designed and built from scratch – some items could only be produced by long tedious work because the cash for the correct equipment was not available. The skill and precise standards acquired as an apprentice and in a career as a draughtsman and then as a senior engineer proved invaluable in producing reliable well-built furniture conceived and manufactured as an engineered product rather than being built to a price. These technical drawing boards proved to be very popular. However an opportunity arose in 1984 during a competitive tendering process with Gateshead Education Authority to design and produce reliable computer trollies and furniture for educational use. Such was the reputation achieved from these sturdy items that advertising and marketing of the products of the business was not required, sales were acquired by personal recommendation from user to user therefore more finance could be returned to the business to invest in additional equipment and resources.


In February 2007 Ambic secured the purchase of a five-acre development site alongside the Stella Gill Industrial Estate in Pelton Fell, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham. A new factory was designed and built with production transferred in September 2009. The business now occupies 24,000 sq ft (2,400 sq m) on the 5 acre site with major external storage, vehicle manoeuvring area and extensive expansion space. This facility is now a state of the art fully integrated production unit utilising the latest technology and CNC controlled manufacturing methods. The factory is fully integrated with the raw materials of wood, metal, plastics, paint, fasteners etc. delivered to the northern end and fully finished furniture being loaded at the southern end.
To date the business has expanded by personal recommendation and has mainly been confined to the North East of England covering an area of approximately 320 sq miles. The customers are 90% educational however we do supply the pharmaceutical industry, industrial laboratories and we have supplied larger customers with bespoke items including Siemens, Rolls Royce, Nissan, British Rail and the National Services supply industry.

This business model achieved an average expansion rate of 22% for 27 years and since the recession with some diversification and investment in marketing, the business expansion rates are now returning to our traditional levels.